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Therapy for Teens

Message to Teens:

Life can be overwhelming between school, friends, parents, and responsibilities….oh and then there’s the whole pressure of becoming an adult thing. Yeah, that’s a lot to keep track of! So with all that stress can come some not so healthy ways of trying to deal. Are you poppin’ off when you don’t mean to, forgetting what to do and where to be? Does staying in your room feel like the best place to escape? Are you ending up in situations you normally wouldn’t be in, trying different things just to feel something different or not feel anything at all? Together we can work on solving some of the problems that come with trying to grow up.¬†We can try to figure this life thing out together. Whether you need to solve some family issues, work on communication skills, process trauma, or learn new healthy ways to cope with all your stress; I’m here to help!

We may encounter many defeats
but we must not be defeated.
~Maya Angelou

Message to Parents:

Parenting comes with all sets of challenges and no how-to guide. Now your little baby is growing up, “smelling themselves,” and testing ALL the limits! Teens today face different challenges then what you are used to or experienced growing up. Imagine raging hormones, questions of identity, trying to fit in PLUS social media and a

ll the access technology brings right to our fingertips….my goodness no wonder teens today struggle. With all that teenagers face and endure on a regular basis, some teens have difficulty navigating this time in between childhood

and adulthood. If you have concerns about how your adolescent child is doing, please reach out to professionals like myself that can assist. Maybe you think your teen is experimenting with drugs, they have a whole new set of friends, they are isolating themselves, having major mood swings or problematic behaviors. As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child, so why not add a professional to your village. Support is available to your child via individual therapy sessions, and occasional family sessions can be incorporated as well.

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