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Pieces to the Puzzle was created to support people, like yourself, ready to explore solutions that fit your lifestyle. We will untangle the emotions and events that have led you to this point through expressive arts or straight up talk therapy. With my support, one piece at a time, we will start putting together solutions that work for you.

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Holding space for you to....
• Heal
• Achieve your goals
• Live unapologetically
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Hi, I'm Shola Toussaint, LCSW

Are you realizing it is time to add yourself on that long To Do List?

Everyone around you thinks you have it together, but how you view yourself just doesn’t match up. You have tried to cope in healthy ways, and some ways that led to even more damage; only to return to the same place again….stuck, trapped and unmotivated.

Are you hoping that each day the load gets lighter?

Are you hoping to learn techniques that suit your needs?

One thing is certain- Your past has not broken your spirit, you still have some fight left.

I am available to support you in your efforts to regain your power and strength, or maybe even discovering your power for the first time.

Thank you for stopping by! I look forward to hearing from you.

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